Who We Are

I’ve had a love of working with wood since high school, where I took every wood shop class available. I also spent a year as a sawyer in a sawmill as a young man.

In 1985, Don Ward gave me my first job in construction. He was a custom home builder in Kirksville, MO. I spent the next 7 years working for him & other builders in the Kirksville area.

Harwood floors by Randy started as a sideline business in 1995 to subsidize our aspirations to be professional archers. Jenny & I both worked full time jobs & sanded floors evenings & weekends.

Within a couple years, I found myself working more sideline hours than fulltime hours & something had to give, so I went to part time for 6 months to train my replacement & my sideline business became my primary job.

In 2000, Jenny’s job ended & she came on with the company fulltime, which was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. Her creative abilities are very complimentary to mine.

Our business started as just sanding existing hardwood floors. Over the years, our business has expanded into nearly anything wood, to include, but not limited to
  • Refinishing existing hardwood floors
  • Installing, sanding & finishing new raw hardwood floors
  • Installing prefinished hardwood floors
  • Custom stairways
  • Custom cabinets
  • Custom closets
  • Millwork
  • Custom staining & varnishing.

In 2014, we built our new 4000 sq ft shop close to our home. 900 sq ft of is dedicated to staining & finishing the woodworks produced in the rest of the shop.